In order to stay current with world water events and organizations working in the water realm, the World Water Center will attend most major global water conferences with the combined purpose of reviewing the conference, providing a review for the general public and promoting the World Water Center's benefits.

The multi-lingual database includes categories like community service organizations, governmental organizations, commercial/industrial suppliers, non-profits and associations, religious organizations, scientific and academic institutions, and foundations funding world water projects.

The idea is to promote communication between these groups. The World Water Center will provide access to information about water projects and partnering opportunities within the different disciplines and it will foster new conversations and new partnerships.

Cross-referenced and tagged specific projects will provide a multi-dimensional source of information. The search engine can locate specific types of projects in a particular city or which organization funds projects on, for example, health care or waterborne diseases.

The World Water Center hopes that the shear mass of people having conversations in an open and free manner under the umbrella of a non-partisan charitable organization will foster great opportunities for the world to gain clean water.

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