What if everyone joined together on world water projects?

If everyone worked together, what could be accomplished?

The World Water Center's
web site is international in scope
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The World Water Center is dedicated to promoting partnerships between many types of organizations who wish to work together on water.
Fighting Arsenic
When Pitt alumnus Abul Hussam started finding ways to remove arsenic from drinking water about a decade ago, his primary aim was to help...
Press Release

Marilynn Deane Mendell

World Water Center - LIVE
Provides an Inventory and Best Practices of all World Water Projects
Organizes, Rates, and Unites

Washington, D.C., May 16, 2006 - Marilynn Deane Mendell launches the World Water Center. After working with water agencies and charitable organizations, World Water Center President Mendell says, “there’s a serious need for the world to have a central database of world water projects, water events and conferences, as well as a best practices water rating system that is independent and not controlled by a single income source, government or corporate entity.  Water organizations in the business of cleaning and making water safe for the world need to have access to reliable, sustainable and accountable water projects.” 

The World Water Center brings together environmentalists, governments, academia, scientists, community service and faith-based organizations, foundations and water industry technology corporations by providing a clearinghouse for water projects and informing the public about the most effective water projects throughout the world. The World Water Center’s expert panel reviews water projects using a proprietary best practices rating system that evaluates sustainability, accountability, appropriateness, partnerships, environmental impact and cost effectiveness.  Mendell plans to work closely with Rotary clubs worldwide to populate the World Water Center’s web site’s database.
Today people say “clean and safe” water because not all water that is clean is safe.  Mendell takes her vision from such greats as Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Margaret Mead, and Rachel Carson and proclaims, “we need a world with clean and safe water for all: plants, fish, animals and humans. Water-related problems impact the entire food chain and the problem is inclusive not exclusive. Water is life and it is life for all.”

Trillions of dollars flow into water projects ranging in size from giant dams to tiny sand filters. “The world needs to cut the redundancies, the well-intentioned projects that don’t work, and the charlatans. As the ‘we’re going to run out of water’ fear factor escalates, and as 8,000 people a day die from water related diseases and dehydration, it is imperative to unite the water world and begin a best practices rating system for all world water projects,” says Mendell. 

The World Water Center sees the cup half full and the impossible dream of “clean and safe water for all by 2015” as a reachable possibility. 

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