Dr. Robillard has been actively contributing to international education, development and research programs for almost forty years. Widely recognized for his research and outreach contributions in the design and operation of watershed monitoring networks and conservation systems, he has collaborated extensively with universities, foundations and government agencies in the United States and overseas on water resources research and development topics.

Currently Executive Director of World Water Watch (www.worldwaterwatch.org), Dr. Robillard coordinates and participates in water supply, water pollution control and conservation systems both in the U.S. and overseas.

From 1968 to 70, Paul was a Civil Engineer working with Peace Corps Ecuador on a United Nations project to design and construct community water supply systems in the Andean region of Ecuador. This project later became the basis for the worldwide UN water decade (1980-90). Dr. Robillard designed and coordinated water quality monitoring projects in the West Branch of the Delaware River (major water supply source for New York City), the first watershed scale event based monitoring project in the U.S. while he was at Cornell University. He was also lead a research effort in the Lake Ontario Phosphorus Evaluation Project.

Dr. Robillard was named a Fulbright Scholar in 1995-96 working with Ecuadorian engineers and scientist to develop water quality monitoring networks and conservation systems to protect some of the most important ecological reserves in the world. At the conclusion of the project, Dr. Robillard was honored to present a series of lectures (in Spanish) on his research at all major universities in Ecuador in recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the Fulbright program. Through World Water Watch, Dr. Robillard has continued to be actively involved in technical assistance, workshops and seminars supporting water resources and conservation programs throughout Central and South America as well as the United States.

In addition to being a Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Robillard was awarded the W. Lamar Kopp Award at the Pennsylvania State University in 2001 for his international contributions. He was given the National Gunlogson Engineering Award by the Society for Engineering in Agricultural, Food and Biological Systems (ASAE) for his career contributions in water resources engineering. Dr. Robillard received National Software Awards from ASAE in 1990 and 1993. He has been a national expert and advisor to the 10 year Rural Clean Water Program (1980-90) as well as the NOAA-EPA-USDA Coastal Zone Management Program.

A native of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, Paul graduated from the University of Notre Dame in Civil Engineering. His graduate studies (M.S. and Ph.D.) were completed at Cornell University. He is married to Susannah (Parsons) Robillard. They have three adult children.

web: www.worldwaterwatch.org

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