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Featured Story: Two Questions for Pakistan
This past July and August Pakistan suffered from the worst recorded floods in history. Estimates average that around 160,000 sq. km of land - of Pakistan - and 20 million lives have been affected by the monsoon floods. (BBC News, 16 Aug. 2010) The damage brought by the rains extends so far down the infrastructure ladder as to deprive millions from a basic human right and need: Access to safe water.
The intensity of the floods created the width of the Indus River to expand as much 18 miles in the Taunsa Barrage region. (BBC News, 12 Aug. 2010) The 30 km flood radius compromises all connected water systems. There are two challenges that this region faces: (1) How to deliver safe drinking water for all those in immediate need and (2) How to develop a feasible plan to rebuild new water infrastructure? Read More

American Water Summit

Join global leaders and thinkers in Washington D.C. Learn more about America’s water crisis and participate in seeking safe water solutions! Please visit the WWC Calendar for more information.

What can be possible near a city's water source.

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