Full Cup Award


Full Cup Award

The Full Cup Award is given to social entrepreneurs who have developed innovative solutions to help alleviate the world’s safe water crisis. The World Water Center promotes safe water solutions which foster respect for the environment & cultural surroundings, public education and collaboration.

A social entrepreneurial project utilizes social innovation to help break down the barriers contributing to the safe water crisis. These projects should demonstrate a new, practical and sustainable approach to tackling the water crisis. Additionally, a successful social entrepreneurial project must contain the necessary characteristics to become adapted by the population they are designed for.

The World Water Center welcomes all social entrepreneurs who have designed a project intended to create positive change in the world of water, please click here for to apply.

2010 Full Cup Winner

The World Water Center is excited to announce that the 2010 Full Cup Award goes to Pitch:Africa.

Here at the WWC, we love individuals who seek creative, community based solutions to help solve the world’s water crisis.

As demonstrated by its unique design, Pitch:Africa represents some of WWC’s core characteristics: Social responsibility and fresh solutions. In many rural communities, lack of rainfall or water is not the problem, rather it is the lack of infrastructure to collect and access safe water. Designs like Pitch:Africa offer fun solutions to the water crisis.

This past July, the Annenberg Foundation, based in Los Angeles, unveiled a new type of soccer stadium, one that allows teams to play the game while also collecting and purifying water.

Designed by David Turnbull and Jane Harrison, architects at Atopia Research, the Pitch:Africa soccer field showcases an innovative solution for safe water poor area.

The design centers on using abandoned cargo containers and transforming them into cisterns, which would capture, filter and store water. With the ability to seat up to 800 spectators, the 64 by 80 foot structure collects rainwater that falls on the playing field and seats. By installing a soccer field or baseball pitch above the cisterns, Pitch: Africa acts as both a community gathering point and a safe water system.

Congratulations to the all those who contributed to the Pitch:Africa design.

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