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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the World Water Center a charitable organization?

A: The World Water Center exists as a global place dedicated to the possibility of people being united to bring about clean and safe water for all.

What is the overarching reason for the World Water Center to exist?

A: The World Water Center exists as a global place dedicated to the possibility of people being united to bring about clean and safe water for all.
What does the World Water Center mean by Purpose: Information, Connection, and Partnership?

A: The World Water Center functions as a clearinghouse for information related to water projects and to promote safe and clean water partnerships on a worldwide basis. The Center operates a web site that is available internationally, and free to all. The World Water Center provides a newsletter that highlights great water projects and partnerships. It provides a list of water projects and organizations currently supporting water projects. The Center also provides a calendar of water conferences and events and encourages a diverse selection to be posted.
Why a Center for World Water Projects?

A: A Center is needed today because there is a vast amount of information and no central place to begin a search for worldwide water projects.
What is a water project?

A: Anything from a dam to a sand filter. If you go to our register a project you will see a drop down box of a few water projects. More will accumulate as projects get entered into the database.
Is the World Water Center part of the United Nations or the World Bank?

A: No, but they can register their projects on this site.
What will be special about the World Water Center's Full Cup Award?

A: It is the first independent water related award system for best practices in water projects. The award has been set up to highlight extraordinary people and organizations who are currently working on successful water projects. It judges projects based on a rights based rather than a needs based premise. That is to say, a project that teaches fishing rather than providing the fish.
Why non-partisan and non-governmental?

A: In order to gain the most worldwide involvement where everyone is welcome and where all projects will be judged solely on their merit and without prejudices.
Will the World Water Center have members?

A: Yes. It has always been the wish of the founder to have the site free and available to all. However in the future members will have access to a deeper search level and the ability to run reports from the database to suit their organizational needs.
Why does it matter if a water project is listed on the World Water Center?

A: There are many water projects that appear to be doing good things like providing the world's most desperate and thirst parched children with clean and safe drinking water. Finding projects that have been tested and that have worked over a period of time can be helpful for funders, possible partners, and for people wanting to start a new project to see what the world is already accomplishing. It is crucial to have world water projects reside within the unbiased and freestanding World Water Center.

The World Water Center seeks projects that are holistic. Great projects that have been proven to work in a sustainable manner, in a cost effective way, without harming the environment, and that are rights based and support the possibility of independence and self pride.
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