Full Cup Award


Full Cup Award

Have you designed a social entrepreneurial water project?
Please fill out the Full Cup Application below by answering the questions and providing short explainations.

For example the first question refers to our environmental green footprint. Using plastic bottles to supply people with water is bad for the environment and would not be considered a harmless project. Drilling a well and never testing for arsenic would be bad.

Your answers will be relayed to our board for review. Thank you for your participation. You will be notified by e-mail if you qualify for a 2010 World Water Center "Full Cup" Award.

Only organizations that self report will be eligible. Only winners will be announced. Multiple applications are permissible. The deadline for submission is the first Wednesday of September. Please allow four weeks to be notified of the results.

Thank You.

Name of applicant organization:
Water project name:
Contact Phone:

    1. Show how the project enhances humans, animals, and plants.

    2. List three partnering organizations and their roles in this project.

    3. Provide proof of the project's cost effectiveness.

    4. Prove how it saves and preserves the environment.

    5. Show how the project has been duplicated

    6. Show the connection with the greater global community

    7. Demonstrate the project's universal application

    8. Describe the project as rights based

    9. Provide proof of a transparent reporting system along with accountability
        practices utilized by the projects' administrators.


    10. Provide measurable proven results and a three year track record of success

    11. Give specific examples of sustainability and green efforts.

    12. Total number of years the project has been operating.

    13. Show how the project be used as a model in other places.

    14. Provide three references to support the integrity of the project.

    15. Provide three reviews by independent experts.

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