About Us


The World Water Center seeks to improve the world’s safe water resources by:

   • Promoting public education;

   • Implementing environmentally sound-culturally appropriate solutions; and

   • Fostering collaboration among local communities, partner organizations and       governments.

The Word Water Center marshals a wide range of resources to help achieve our mission.

WWC functions as a clearing house for information related to community service water projects. We provide access to information on the current water crisis through our free water resource library. We encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about water, other organizations involved in water and water related projects that have sparked our eye to utilize our library.

The WWC believes collaboration between all makes the greatest impact and we welcome those who want to work together in the water crisis. The solutions we seek out and support are those that take a holistic and environmentally sound direction in making water safe. We believe that all solutions are multidimensional and strive to examine projects from all angles. The World Water center lends an open and balanced ear to all needs, be they human, animal or plant. 

The World Water Center exists as a global place dedicated to the possibility of people being united to bring about clean and safe water for all. It is a non-partisan, independent charitable (501c3) corporation organized and existing under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States. The World Water Center's web site is available internationally, free to all.

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