Strategic Planning

Successful marketing, branding, public relations, and business development campaigns must have a foundation consisting of three parts: A written strategic plan that comes before all other avenues of action. A written and agreed upon budget that aligns with those goals to support its core elements.

A commitment from the firm to provide the necessary personnel and funding to fulfill their dreams.

Strategies for branding, public relations, and corporate public relations goals, (3 years, 5 years and stretch), intermingle. However, their direction requires separate budgets, along with charts to track ROI results and to maintain accountability. Strategic planning for marketing and media exposure is a process that evolves over time and it includes every possible detail inside a company. Business development requires focus and relationship building that integrates customer satisfaction with a true appreciation.

Discovering the brand message entails a collaborative effort of brainstorming to get the compass for action pointed in the right direction. It's a process that continues to evolve and morph with a company's growth and the world's changing technology.

The great success of WinSpin CIC, Inc. has been due to getting clients to follow an integrated plan and remain consistent with their brand message in order to fulfill their goals.








"Marilynn’s keen listening skills and unique ability to elicit action are both refreshing and persuasive. Her indefatigable energy and creative spirit inspire and lead to solutions developed by you. Of further benefit, she generously shares resource from a rich, interesting life of professional service. I would hire her again in a heartbeat…if you can get her!"

Debra J. Gilmore IALD, MIES





Planning, Marilynn Mendell

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Communicating Effectively and Clearly with Clients

Strategic Planning, Marilynn Mendell

Public Relations, Marilynn Mendell

"Marilynn is a pro in every sense of the word. Her advice is spot on, her approach is clear and direct, and she's not afraid to offer tough love with a gentle touch. As I continue to grow my business, I find that I use her suggestions each day."

Sarah Gershman | President


"In addition to your vision for the committee and handbook, your encouragement, advice and navigation reenergized me throughout the process."

Scott N. Phillips RA | Project Manager


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