Social Marketing

Every marketing campaign should contain a component of social marketing. A cause for the greater good that comes from the heart and lives in the passion of an organization expresses more about a company than any other public relations effort.

The rule is simple: be honest.

Social marketing must come from the gut and it has to be sincere.

Social marketing reflects the corporation's culture.

Highlighting and supporting the employees' private community service projects add another powerful dimension. Partnering with clients' community service projects adds still another level, and so it goes.

Great businesses support the community.

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Art Night Public Realtions, Winspin CIC
Yolanda Cole, Marilynn Mendell

Art Night Leaders, Winspin CIC
Frederick Ognibene, Marilynn Mendell, Michael Hickok, Lisa Gold,
Judy Sherman, and Yolanda Cole

Art Night Marilynn Mendell, Winspin CIC
Silvia Dumitrescu, Jay Bothwell, Marilynn Mendell


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