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I started the World Water Center in 2006. It came out of my wanting to end redundancies in water projects and to help people who wanted to create a new water project or locate other examples of water projects that were successful.

We appreciate everything that people have done to contribute to the World Water Center over the years. In 2012 the World Water Center dissolved. The link provided below is a historical site showcasing the work that helped support clean water as an inalienable right for the world. We have seen Rotary International focus their water efforts largely due to this effort. We have seen a massive change in thinking about bottled water where there was little prior to the formulation of the World Water Center. It thrills all of us to see the huge number of sites that focus on water related projects and that serve as clearing houses for information with a global perspective. Some ideas are meant to serve as catalysts and we feel that by creating the World Water Center we helped ignite a movement. Thank you all.


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