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Case Studies

An erattic sketch of a heart

Client: The Phipps Botanical Gardens and Conservatory, Pittsburgh, PA

Services Provided:
Branding, strategic plans, special events, marketing campaigns, marketing collateral, client image building, public relations, website consulting, created Green Heart Image

An image for the Green Heart of Pittsburgh.
When WinSpin began working with the Phipps 15 years ago, the garden was just beginning to emerge as a leader in the field of sustainable design. In order to get the garden to allow our team to say that their Tropical Forest was the most energy efficient glass house building in the world, we had to convince the director to survey other gardens in order to be able to publicize the facts. We do a lot of research for clients. The green Heart of Pittsburgh just seemed like a perfect tag line for a sustainable project smack dab in the middle of Pittsburgh. Over the years remarkable things have happened. We think it's our job to introduce our clients to new ideas. After pointing Richard Piacentini to a sustainable conference in Denver and introducing him to my friends from the Energy Star program, the Phipps embarked on a series of living buildings which now exceed those earlier expectations. Over the years we have garnered an enormous amount of national publicity for this client as well as assisting with the G-20 and President Obama's visit.
An image showing a Marketing Board for Line Campaign

Client: Hickok Cole Architects, Washington, DC
Architects and Interior Design Firm

Services Provided:
Strategic plans, marketing plans, integrated systems, corporate branding and identity, website consulting, marketing team management, developed marketing collateral, orchestrated photo shoots, conceived of direct mail campaigns, hired presentation coaches, arranged media trips, created electronic newsletters, created a tradition of client gift giving, grew Art Night event, developed social media channels, provided all art direction and concepts for 9 yearly national award winning campaigns, provided all public relations.
This client, Hickok Cole architects had just rebranded to Hickok Warner Cole when they interviewed WinSpin CIC to help them with public relations. Having never met the Mr. Warner, we asked, “why not?”  After the two principals explained their intentions to become Hickok Cole in the next year, we said it would be unconscionable to take on their PR until the architects changed their name and brand. They agreed right then. It took a year. WinSpin CIC rebranded them and we created all of their marketing campaigns for the next 9 years. Additionally, change management played a major role with this firm. WinSpin CIC developed a firm-wide integrated database, created numerous strategic plans, budgets, and tracking devices. We pushed for the firm to move away from a firm "doing a little good" to one that does Great Design, is a Great Place to Work, and has Great Management. We developed not only the firm image, but the individuals as well getting them speaking engagements and assisting them by ghost writing articles. All of the yearly marketing campaigns came from Mendell’s idea book, art direction, and follow through with printers and graphic designers. These campaigns have consistently won top national and regional awards for all 9 years. This Hickok Cole is now KNOWN both nationally and regionally thanks to the marvelous public relations and marketing plan produced by WinSpin CIC.
An image showing the website for Geppetto Catering.

Client: Geppetto Catering, MD

Services Provided:
Re-branded corporate identity, provided new website, strategic plans, marketing plans, instituted integrated contact management systems, corporate newsletters, art direction & concept for marketing collateral, direct mail campaigns, and client gifts, business development direction, social media ROI, public relations.
WinSpin CIC totally rebranded the Geppetto Catering by getting rid of the antiquated puppet on strings and replacing the corporate identity with a clean forest green stripe and white theme that resembled the old classic railroad and country club china. This refurbished look included a totally new website and corporate identity package. WinSpin CIC developed plans for client gifting and suggested ideas for the gifts along with the packaging and delivery. We developed a strategic plan, originated a process for direct mail campaigns to coincide with marketing goals, directed the concept and design for a fun the Thanksgiving Turkey post card. WinSpin CIC developed a strong social media presence with measurable ROI. We implemented monthly newsletters through Constant Contact and designed the format and messaging.  We also designed press releases and built a media lists to capture a greater amount of public relations.  Along the way we helped Geppetto Catering build a strong marketing team.
An image showing the website for KCCT Architects.

Client: KCCT Architects, Washington, DC

Services Provided:
New corporate identity, new website, created social media channels and electronic newsletters, developed direct mail campaigns, provided art direction and concept for marketing collateral; hired, trained, and managed marketing team, directed change management, public relations, strategic planning, marketing plans  and budgets, business development strategy,  and anniversary campaigns.
A classic and well established firm, KCCT wanted a fresh feel. The marketing department had to be completely built and trained. All brochures, proposal formats, and marketing collateral received a new look. Direct mail and press releases all grew from scratch. WinSpin CIC also orchestrated a corporate handbook and a new system for employee reviews along with corporate committees and other integrated systems. While we don't practice business development for the firms WinSpin CIC represents, as part of the marketing plan we develop specific plans and set measurable goals to capture a targeted market.
An image showing Cooking classes with Marilynn Tunkey

Client: Marilynn Tunkey Caterer, Buffalo, NY

Services Provided:
Designed corporate identity, produced art & concept for advertising, public relations, built new business, managed 200 employees, strategic plans, marketing plans and budget, corporate gifts, sent thank you notes.
Thirty -five years ago Mendell, President of WinSpin CIC, Inc. created Marilynn Tunkey Caterer and grew the business to one of the largest off-premise catering establishments in western New York with 200 employees. She received numerous awards as woman of the year for her astute business acumen.  During her 20 years of running the catering business, Mendell created the art and design for all of the corporate identity, marketing collateral, and advertising.  The company handled Fortune 500 events from 5000 to an average of 1000. Mendell’s marketing campaigns became well known and consequently she garnered large amounts of publicity. Mendell developed the practice of corporate gift giving that she continues to utilize with WinSpin CIC’s clients today.
An image showing the cover of Metropolis.An image of the SORG Website.

Client: Sorg and Associates, Washington, DC

Services Provided:
Branding, marketing plans, strategic plans, public relations, website consulting, photo shoots, and proposal production.
WinSpin CIC works with large international firms and relatively small companies. The process to build a well recognized message remains the same, however the speed of a firm’s transformation can often be directly associated with a principal’s ability to react quickly and to be nimble with new directions.  WinSpin CIC had such a client with SORG and Associates, a small little known 8A woman-owned firm.    This client’s fast decision process enabled WinSpin CIC to help garner national speaking engagements and publicity for the owner, along with a strong regional presence.

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