Marilynn in 1989 with her Killer brownies

About the Book

Elbow Grease + Chicken Fat: Business Advice that Sticks to Your Ribs! This book stirs up the perfect recipe to exceed your business expectations.


Marilynn Deane Mendell, once one of the best and largest off-premise caterers in western New York prior to founding WinSpin CIC, Inc. shares her business acumen along with a treasure-trove of master recipes. Her first-hand experience when it comes to putting great ideas into practice serves up a dish of inspiration. She knows that to accomplish anything in life some kind of action must occur and that usually takes good old fashioned hard work (Elbow Grease) or some kind of lubricant (Chicken Fat). Each chapter reveals solutions to business pitfalls; intriguing ways a creative mind can improvise, along with best practices from ethical conduct to showing appreciation. Mendell explains how to gain balance and to be in a perpetual state of life learning.
Whether you’ve been aching to start your own business or become a better leader, this book provides easy-to-understand stories to help build a great business while staying balanced in all aspects of your life to succeed and achieve the American Dream.


This book inspires:  /  A taste of what’s to come

A well oiled kitchen runs the same way as a perfectly balanced business. Chefs need to measure ingredients properly or a cake will fail. Businesses have to set goals and track results. A company going forward without measurements and plans can become a recipe for disaster. Great chefs get support from fine sous-chefs. Picking the right team and learning the importance of delegating can make or break a sole proprietor. All food produced must be safe to eat and all enterprise depends on a foundation of ethics. Truth, care, and integrity are the bedrocks for anything we do, be it feeding 5,000 or sealing a deal with a handshake. There has to be a harmonic synergy to have a meal taste right. And so it is in business where family, community, and health all play essential and important parts. When a wedding cake falls over, it takes an innovator to save the day. An integrated thinker will change the course of a business striking out on an original visionary path. Anyone knows that the best homemade bread must incorporate a great deal of kneading and sometimes the yeast collapses so it can be discouraging; in business troubles flow like water and it takes perseverance and courage to get the job done well. Some brilliant cooks never get recognition or have their own television shows because they fail to understand the importance of marketing and public relations…


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