Art Direction

In order to succeed with a strategic creative plan to change a company's image, brand or relationship with its clients, certain nuances must be folded into all graphic design. Sometimes art direction can be simple like changing a font to a readable format and size, and other times it becomes necessary to enroll a graphic designer in the process of ownership that requires a dictatorial oversight on consistency, a maniacal adherence to a budget, and a willingness to imagine stretch goals infinitely beyond the client's requests. Art direction, or creative direction, that is great leads a designer into a campaign that ultimately wins national awards and gains public recognition through articles and speaking invitations.

One thing is certain, the art director must make sure that everything has the same look and feel and that the CORRECT message gets portrayed in every paragraph, every proposal, every web page and every detail. Creative direction means making sure the designer has incorporated the best search engine optimization for the web site, hired the most appropriate fulfillment house and print broker, and married the database with the web and every image and project information in the firm.

Creative Direction, Winspin CIC



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