Marilynn Deane Mendell
WinSpin CIC, Inc.

What makes the WinSpin approach different from other marketing and public relations firms?

Mendell goes deep into an organization to understand the personalities of the principals and the entire team. Her approach is one of complex communication, one where the result is generated from a clear understanding of the players and the workings of the organization -- how it is expressed and why it is valuable to the principals.

This type of turnaround management can only be accomplished on an extremely personal level. The relationships that develop need the kind of attention that can only be given to a limited number of firms at time.

Mendell's approach revolves around keeping the organization consistent with its message and its goals down to the details. She generally accepts an organization’s assignment over a period of years building the results in phases. This method of public relations and marketing often encompasses building a new marketing department for the client, it might mean developing a new brand or new image, or it might mean developing an infrastructure such as a database and strategic plans. Whatever the avenue, the approach remains the same—Mendell touches the entire organization and she coordinates the plans to be consistent and provide positive measurable results.













“I recommend Marilynn to anyone who is ready and willing to learn beginner and advanced training on how to jumpstart your business development department. She is a passionate teacher that is filled to the brim with informative content.”
Trevor Stone
President, Jack Stone Signs, Landover MD






“Marilynn’s keen listening skills and unique ability to elicit action are both refreshing and persuasive. Her indefatigable energy and creative spirit inspire and lead to solutions developed by you. Of further benefit, she generously shares resource from a rich, interesting life of professional service. I would hire her again in a heartbeat…if you can get her!”
Debra J. Gilmore IALD, MIES
President/Principal, GiLMORE LiGHTiNG DESiGN






“Marilynn is a pro in every sense of the word. Her advice is spot on, her approach is clear and direct, and she's not afraid to offer tough love with a gentle touch. As I continue to grow my business, I find that I use her suggestions each day.”
Sarah Gershman
Green Room Speakers


Mendell with client Gavin Daniels, principal, Wingate Hughes Architects
Mendell with client Gavin Daniels, principal, Wingate Hughes Architects

Happy faces Cole Architects, Winspin CIC
The Happy Faces at client Hickok Cole Architects

Coles Art NIght Marilynn Mendell, Winspin CIC
Silvia Dumitrescu, Jay Bothwell and Marilynn Mendell at Hickok Cole's Art Night

Geppetto Catering, Winspin CIC
Marilynn with client Josh Carin, Geppetto Catering


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